Die EnBW baut in Dätgen Bordesholm einen Schnellladepark mit 24 HPC-Ladepunkten (hier zu sehen der Standort am Kamener Kreuz) (Quelle: EnBW / Fotograf: Endre Dulic)

24 high-performance charging points in the north: Start of construction for new EnBW fast charging park in Dätgen (Bordesholm)

EnBW is consolidating its fast-charging infrastructure for electric cars in the north of the country: The company has begun construction of a new fast-charging park in Dätgen (Bordesholm/Schleswig-Holstein), about an hour’s drive north of Hamburg. With its direct connection to the A7 motorway, this is ideally located for long-distance travellers in particular and is scheduled to go into operation as early as April 2023. In February 2023, EnBW will commission another large fast-charging park on the A23 near Tornesch (also in Schleswig-Holstein, around 30 kilometres north-east of Hamburg).

The new fast charging park in Dätgen (Bordesholm) is equipped with 24 state-of-the-art HPC (High Power Charging) charging points. These allow drivers to charge their electric car with a charging capacity of 300 kilowatts. This allows them to charge fresh range of up to 400 kilometres (depending on the capacity of their vehicle) during a 20-minute charging stop. Travellers in Dätgen (Bordesholm) can therefore cover a distance as far as Münster, Kassel or Berlin after a full charge. The generous roofing of the charging park not only protects those charging from the weather, but also contains a built-in photovoltaic system. The solar power generated on site supplies the charging park, while surplus electricity flows into the local distribution grid. www.enbw.com

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