ABT Marian M800-R. Foto: ABT Marian

450 kW electric boat: ABT Sportsline takes to the water with Marian

In cooperation with the Austrian specialist for electric yachts, ABT Sportsline took the proverbial plunge into the water and presented its first electric boat: The luxurious ABT | Marian M 800-R delivers up to 450 kW, reaching a top speed of up to 85 km/h. The basis for the ABT I Marian M 800-R is the Marian M 800 Spyder from the boat builder in St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee. The hull is specially designed for the electric drive as a particularly efficient semi-glider. This not only gives the boat a range of 80 kilometers in cruise mode, but also a top speed of 85 km/h. Thanks to its special design, the foredeck offers comfortable seating and lounging for up to nine passengers.

The M 800-R is powered by a 250 kW Next-Gen-E motor, which is fed by a lithium-ion battery with 121.5 kWh and an integrated charging system. The CCS charger enables fast charging with up to 150 kW, which achieves a charge in less than an hour, while the Juice Booster supports charges of up to 22 kW. Both conventional charging points for electric cars and maritime charging points can be used.

The M 800-R can be operated in various riding modes. In ABT MODE, up to 450 kW is mobilized by activating all water pumps and optimizing cooling. In addition to the sporty driving mode, there are two other programs: In PORT MODE, the power is reduced to 15 kW for safe manoeuvrability in harbours, for example, while CRUISE MODE is pleasantly quiet and optimized for efficient long-distance driving with up to 250 kW. The ABT I Marian M 800-R is not only visually stunning, but also smartly designed to adapt to different waters thanks to its suitability for fresh and salt water. There is also an over-the-air update and diagnostic capability, which allows the boat to be diagnosed remotely if necessary.

Limited luxury: The ABT | Marian M 800-R is being built in a limited edition of 20 units at the Marian shipyard in Austria. The price is 450,000 euros (excl. VAT).

This article first appeared in eMove360° Magazine 02/2024 in german language. Download the free PDF here or order the print version in the shop.

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