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A fast charger every 20 minutes: ABB superlative production facility for DC fast charging stations

ABB E-mobility has opened its largest ever production site for DC fast charging stations in Valdarno, Tuscany. The new centre of excellence for e-mobility consolidates the company’s position as the world’s leading provider of e-charging solutions. The plant will manufacture ABB’s entire portfolio of DC charging stations, supporting the electrification of the entire transport sector. ABB E-mobility thus underpins its commitment to shaping a zero-emission future with smart, reliable charging technology for electric vehicles.

ABB E-mobility has sold more than 680,000 charging stations in more than 85 markets. ABB’s $30 million investment in the new centre of excellence in Valdarno has more than doubled its production capacity in the last two years. The opening of the new 16,000-square-metre Valdarno facility will enable the production of more than 10,000 additional DC charging stations annually.

Frank Mühlon, CEO of ABB E-mobility, said: “With the opening of the Valdarno plant, ABB E-mobility reaffirms its commitment to shaping a zero-emission future. With this investment, we are not only increasing production capacity, but also expanding our R&D activities. This will ensure that we reinforce our reputation as a global leader in e-charging solutions and provide future-proof e-mobility solutions for the vehicles of today and tomorrow.”

At the new state-of-the-art production facility, a DC fast charger is manufactured every 20 minutes thanks to seven production lines – setting new standards in the industry for ABB. More than 400 charging processes can be simulated daily on 15 test benches. Integrated automation solutions link production with the innovative automated warehouse. This ensures optimised inventory control, complete traceability and efficient operation, supported by Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and handling vehicles.

With the new centre of excellence, ABB E-mobility will also further drive innovation activities. 14 per cent of 2021’s turnover has been invested in research and development, and an area of 3,200 square metres has been set aside in Valdarno specifically for development and prototyping. Here, around 70 of the site’s 500-plus employees will implement innovative solutions, new software products and product lifecycle management tools to fully integrate R&D activities into manufacturing. ABB E-mobility employs more than 350 R&D experts worldwide and has a portfolio of 350 patents.

The Valdarno site is also pursuing LEED certification at the “Gold” rating level. LEED is the globally recognised independent standard for the design, construction and operation of environmentally friendly buildings. Rainwater is collected for irrigation purposes, production waste is 100 per cent recycled and all energy needs are met with certified renewable energy. This includes a photovoltaic system with a generation capacity of 720 MWh, which avoids the emission of 338 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Power distribution is optimised with the ABB Ability Energy and Asset Manager. This platform provides monitoring and efficient management of over 9,000 devices on site, including temperature control, lighting and ventilation systems. This enables energy savings of up to 60 per cent compared to traditional solutions.

ABB has committed in its 2030 sustainability strategy to promote a low-carbon society by helping its customers reduce their CO2 emissions while achieving carbon neutrality at their own sites. Transport is responsible for up to 29 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions. The development and production of smart, reliable charging solutions in Valdarno promotes a rapid shift to more efficient electric vehicles of all types – from passenger cars to buses and heavy commercial vehicles.

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