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Automated charging of e-shuttles starts at Graz Airport

On May 16, the innovative shuttle system “GRZ Shuttle” started at Graz Airport as part of the lighthouse project “move2zero”. The GRZ Shuttle, a Mercedes e-Vito, is charged with Matrix Charging®. During the almost 6-month test operation, the zero-emission shuttle will be available to passengers free of charge and as needed between the public transport stations (bus and train) and the airport.

In order to gradually come closer to the goal of a completely emission-free bus fleet, Holding Graz, together with project coordinator Graz Energy Agency and 12 other partners from research and industry, launched the “move2zero” research project back in 2019. The aim is to replace Holding Graz’s municipal bus fleet with climate-friendly alternatives such as battery-electric and fuel-cell buses. At the same time, the public transport system will be expanded and made more attractive with the introduction of needs-based offers. Until mid-October 2022, the new GRZ Shuttle at Graz Airport will take passengers emission-free, on-demand and free of charge from selected public transport stops to the airport and back.

GRZ Shuttle charges automatically with Matrix Charging®

At Graz Airport, a 9-seater Mercedes e-Vito is used as a battery-electric shuttle powered by green electricity. The Mercedes e-Vito is charged via the automated conductive charging system Matrix Charging. As soon as the shuttle is parked in front of the arrivals hall at the airport, the so-called matrix charging connector is automatically lowered from the underbody of the vehicle and connected to the charging plate on the parking lot floor. A power of 11 kW AC is transmitted via the resulting conductive connection. The shuttle is therefore particularly easy to charge for the driver without having to leave the car and plug in a cable. In addition to the new Matrix Charging charging technology, research questions relating to the autonomous operation of on-demand shuttles and the need and acceptance of on-demand services are also to be answered within the scope of this project. www.easelink.com

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