AVILOO Flash-Batterietest. Foto: AVILOO

Aviloo: New EV Battery Quick Test with Red Flag Report

Leading battery testing expert Aviloo, based in Austria, announces the launch of the Aviloo Flash Test: a comprehensive battery test that determines the condition of traction batteries in just three minutes and reports it in a manufacturer-independent report with the Aviloo Score. The test is therefore particularly suitable for companies interested in quick, cost-effective solutions, such as leasing companies, car dealers and testing companies.

The flash test builds on the AVILOO premium battery test for consumers already on the market. It uses the company’s databases and thus provides reliable test data that guarantee an objective battery assessment. A special feature of the flash battery test is the documented test abort in case of serious safety defects. Thus, a so-called Red Flag Report is triggered as a test result whenever a substantial safety risk is detected. In this case, the score is no longer determined, but a red flag is displayed on the first certificate page. In addition, recommended measures are listed – also in red – with the associated threshold values on the second page.

AVILOO GmbH, based in Austria, operates throughout the EU market and beyond. The company with start-up origins has been in existence since 2017 and is co-funded by the EU Commission. Within a few years, AVILOO has become the global innovation leader in the fields of testing, monitoring and analysis of batteries in all application areas: Automotive, public transport, marine, aviation, stationary, industrial and residential applications.www.aviloo.com

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22.09.2022   |  

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