Battery Conference 2020: Speaker: Dr. John De Roche

aentron GmbH: Design considers, safety lessons and new developments of lithium-ion batteries for industrial applications

The presentation will discuss the design considerations of modern high energy battery technologies to enable a sustainable future. Lithium-ion based battery technology is both a strategic resource and commodity. The current extraction structures must move to “harvesting” in the form of recycling. Disposed lithium-ion cells must have an intrinsic recycle value to promote recycling both in the design of cells to packs in order to reach the sustainable goals and reduce overall battery life-cycle costs. aentron will present current innovative solutions to achieve close to 100 % recycling and sustainability in its battery products.

About Mr. Dr. John De Roche:

Dr. John De Roche is Director of Innovations and Development at aentron since January 2020. After having held several positions at BMW, Bosch and ESTEC – ESA as Director of Development of Electric Powertrain and Energy Storage System, in 2015 he founded aentron Energy Solutions – a provider of lithium-ion batteries for industry, maritime, mobility and building applications. He specializes in the field of design and development of batteries and electric power-trains, functional safety, project management and coaching senior management personal. Moreover, he is an expert for the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 Programme. Currently aentron is a consortium member of the COBRA project to build safer batteries by working collaborations with leading academic institutes and technology companies.

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