Battery Conference 2020: Speaker: Dr. Martin Ebner, CEO – Battrion AG

Low Resistance Negative Electrodes for Fast Charging Lithium Ion Batteries

Fast charging capability of modern Lithium Ion Batteries (LIBs) is a key enabler for electromobility and other applications such as power tools and mobile electronics.

The minimum charging time of LIBs is determined by the underlying technology utilized to fabricate the cells. In many cases, the limiting physical effect is onset of lithium plating on the negative electrodes which causes drastic reduction in battery life and safety. The propensity of lithium plating is strongly correlated to electrode design parameters such as area specific capacity and electrode density, as well as operating conditions such as temperature. Comparing different cell types and sizes and optimizing cell design is a highly complex matter. Identifying the right metrics thus is central to rationalize and optimize battery performance.

In this talk, we investigate the relationship between negative electrode resistance and charging time and show, how advanced electrode fabrication technologies can improve these key parameters. By controlling the orientation of graphite particles during the manufacturing of the negative electrode, Battrion’s Aligned Graphite Technology (AGT) is capable of reducing the ionic resistance of negative electrodes by up to 50%. We will show how this improvement can be utilized in advanced cell designs and what the ultimate benefits of fast charging technologies are.

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13.10.2020   |  

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