Battery Conference 2020: Speaker: Michael Reith, Sales Manager – Gustav Klein GmbH & Co. KG

Energy Saving Battery Testing with 4-Channel Systems

Batteries need to be tested during R&D and also in production process. There are different types of tests, like charging and discharging, simulating load profiles (e.g. WLTP cycle), impedance spectroscopy or also destructive tests.

The reason for all of these tests are to ensure high quality and safety of the batteries. The batteries, which are used in electric vehicles, can store a high amount of energy. During cycling tests, this energy needs to be charged and discharged several times.

Classical discharging by resistors causes very high energy losses. Energy recovery to grid by individual converters still have certain losses, even they are reduced a lot.

A good alternative for this is the Multi-Channel Infeed Testing System of Gustav Klein with  4 channels. This testing system allows internal energy recovering, which reduces the losses in power electronic.

Further advantages of Multi-Channel Infeed Testing Systems are the opportunity to run test cycles with higher power ratings as mains connection and to do load peak shaving.

About Mr. Michael Reith

Mr. Michael Reith is sales manager for international business at Gustav-Klein GmbH & Co KG businesses in the field of bidirectional DC power supplies for testing batteries, fuel cells and power trains for electric vehicles. After studying electrical engineering in Kempten and business administration, he is specialized in power supplies and export business for more than 20 years.





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