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  • IT and Automotive are merging
  • Innovative trade fair focus at eMove360° 2017 “Connected & Autonomous Driving”

Munich, March 2017 Cars will be the most important connected devices in the future and transform into driving computers. Classic IT events lose their relevance, borderlines between traditionally separated industries like IT and Consumer Electronic on one hand and Automotive on the other become gradually indistinct. Network features and connectivity shift more and more into the car, in mobility applications respectively. “We are convinced: The future of mobility is electric, connected and autonomous. This holds particularly true for urban traffic. Therefore, we have launched eMove360° 2017 – International Trade Fair for Mobility 4.0 – electric – connected – autonomous. It is the platform upon which we bring together – in an application and demand focused way – both hardware and software as well as electronics for the New Mobility. Electric vehicles, from motocycles to cars and eventually commercial vehicles and trucks, boost this trend. I estimate that in ten years from now, every vehicle will be connected, at least partially automated and electric”, said Robert Metzger, Managing Director of MunichExpo and organizer of eMove360° that will be held this year from October 17-19 at Messe München.

The New Mobility calls for new, digital business models
Due to connected and autonomous driving parts of the automotive value chain are shifting from manufacturers to IT and software experts and within this industry to some big players like Intel, Infineon, Microsoft and IBM as well as providers like Telekom, Telefonica and Vodafone. This development will be further strengthened by the demand for consistent standards. In order to be able to offer connectivity solutions on a global level providers need to have a certain size to handle this kind of large scale projects.

The key to the New Mobility is the quality of the data. This concerns gaining data using cameras and sensors, their transmission via a powerful communication infrastructure, saving the data in a high-performance secure environment as well as data processing in high-speed big data solutions. Additionally, all these functions have to be performed in real time to enable the steering systems of autonomous and automated vehicles to react in time and thus move safely in urban traffic.

The large number of intelligent solutions that are available today, has been shown in the first edition of eMove360° Europe in the previous year. Numerous mobility providers, not necessarily manufacturers, like DriveNow, Car2Go, Daimler Fleet Management, Southwest Research Institute or NVIDIA with its award-winning AI supercomputer Drive PX2 for autonomous driving have presented their concepts for the New Mobility at the show. Companies like Epcos, ERNI, ITT Cannon and TDK are joining the event this year.

eMove360° 2017, that will take place from October 17–19, at Messe München is open for booking at

About eMove360°
MunichExpo will start with a new comprehensive trade fair concept: The topics electric mobility, mobility concepts & services as well as urban & mobile design will be united under one brand. eMove360° Europe 2017 (October 17-19, 2017, Messe München) International Trade for Mobility 4.0 – electric – connected – autonomous presents the complete range of next generation and sustainable mobility solutions, from Urban & Mobile Design, materials and processing solutions, connected and autonomous driving to electronics and infotainment. Target audience of the exhibition are developers and designers, IT professionals, professional industrial buyers such as fleet managers, decision-makers in cities and communities, touristic regions and service providers. For more information visit

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