Nachhaltige Mobilität im Fokus: Beim Karlsruher Softwareentwickler Wibu-Systems AG hat ChargeHere seine Ladelösung mit insgesamt 20 Ladepunkten installiert. Bild: ChargeHere GmbH

ChargeSolar: charging e-cars with electricity from the company roof

In order for the mobility turnaround to succeed, one thing is needed above all: charging infrastructure – at home, on the road and at work. This is exactly where ChargeHere comes in: the start-up, which has now been spun off from EnBW, sets up charging points for companies and housing companies, but also takes on services such as billing, maintenance and operation for them. The special thing is that the self-developed hardware and software solution takes the situation in the power grid into account when charging the e-cars. “Charging with alternating current relieves the power grid and thus makes e-mobility suitable for everyday use. It complements public quick charging and makes sense where cars are parked for a long time – i.e. above all at home and at work,” says Konrad Benze, Managing Director of Charge Here.

ChargeSolar is new to the portfolio. With the solution, companies use the solar power from their own roof directly to charge their e-cars. Benze says: “By taking this step, our customers are making themselves less dependent on rising electricity prices and at the same time making an important contribution to the energy transition.” ChargeHere forecasts the amount of energy generated by the PV system. The charging management reacts to this and charges e-cars when the sun is shining. “Anyone who drives to work parks the car in the morning and only uses it again many hours later. We can therefore adapt the charging process to the generation and thus maximize our customers’ own consumption.”

Room for growth

With the spin-off, EnBW is reacting to the increased demand for charging solutions on the market and creating the ideal conditions for the team to grow quickly. “We are currently concentrating on the domestic market. However, mobility crosses borders, which is why we would like to expand our offer to other countries in the future,” says Benze. The former innovation project currently operates around 1,200 charging points at 26 locations. Customers include the Baden-Württemberg parking space company, the Karlsruhe software developer Wibu-Systems AG and the US company Agilent Technologies.;

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