Chinese company rolls out Singapore’s first electric taxi fleet

China’s major electric vehicle producer BYD Co Ltd will launch one hundred electric taxis in Singapore on Feb 24, the country’s first fully electric taxi fleet.

The BYD e6-taxi fleet are the same vehicles being driven in cities around the world, including Brussels and London. In its home city of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, there is a fleet of more than 4,000 e6 taxis.

Though Singapore has about 28,280 taxis on the road by mid-2016, about 86 percent of them use diesel and 7 percent are dual petrol-electric taxis.

Liu Xueliang, BYD’s general manager for the Asia-Pacific region, told China Daily the operation was a pioneer in Singapore’s electric public transportation and they will continue to introduce more e-vehicle types in the country, such as electric tour buses.

The company began its operation in Singapore in 2014 when 30 e6 hit the road to provide on-call and leasing services, which have accumulated a mileage of about 3 million kilometers.

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