Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Tesla

Cybertruck: design icon or block of steel?

The Cybertruck is currently touring European cities. It also stopped at the Tesla Center in Parsdorf, around 15 kilometers east of Munich. For the current eMove360° magazine in german language, we examined the futuristic-looking electric steel pickup truck together with a total of around 1,800 interested people. And as with almost everything that the billionaire and visionary Elon Musk presents, opinions are again very divided: a fascinating design object for some, a pointless hate object for others.

Four years after Elon Musk presented the first concept of the Cybertruck, the futuristic steel colossus has landed in Europe and is stopping off in more than 100 cities on the “Cybertruck Odyssey”. A long line had already formed in front of the Tesla Center in Parsdorf half an hour before the official premiere. Excited Musk followers of all ages and genders waited in anticipation to be let in. They were let into the holy hall in groups of 20. But first just to look at, not to touch, as the hostess immediately warns. Drive it? No way. The vehicle is not road-legal for Europe. This raises the key question: will the Cybertruck ever make it onto European roads?

But now we want to see it. It stands bulkily in the hall like a shiny gray steel cabinet on wheels. The wheels alone are 1.79 meters high. You feel like a dwarf, even if you are a decent sized person. 5.68 meters long, 2.41 meters wide, weighs a good three tons and is as angular as a stainless steel building block with bulletproof body panels. The very angular exterior is very unusual and completely different to that of traditional pick-ups. And who would want to go looking for a parking space with this behemoth?

When you look inside, it is less bulky: small steering wheel, tiny rear-view mirror, the console and the fittings are covered in light and dark plastic, the floor mats are made of rubber. Cinema on wheels: The 18.5″ touchscreen in the cockpit and the 9.4″ touchscreen in the back are superlatives. The top model “Cyberbeast” costs the equivalent of around 90,000 euros. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in an incredible 2.7 seconds. The question of when the Cybertruck will be sold in Germany or whether it will ever be registered is answered briefly with “Our focus is on North America”. Pickups, usually called trucks, are among the most popular vehicles there.

First published in eMove360° Magazine 02/2024 in german language. Download the PDF for free or order the print version in the shop.

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