Delta Unveils Innovative Line of Wireless Charging Systems for the Material Handling Industry

Delta Group, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced the launch of its wireless battery charging systems for the material handling industry, capable of delivering industry-leading efficiency of up to 93% in contrast with the current majority of industrial chargers that commonly waste more than 50% of the power consumed from the AC line.

Delta’s wireless charging systems can be applied to a wide range of industrial vehicles from forklifts to Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), covering the applications from 300W to 30kW, and can be designed for any power level depending on utility infrastructure and installation site. It can eliminate the need for expensive cables and connectors or human intervention to quickly and efficiently charge batteries. The 30kW wireless system is able to charge a 600Ahr-48V battery in 60 minutes.

„Wireless charging is fairly new for the material handling industries. As a leading provider of EV technologies for homes and businesses, Delta’s innovative wireless charging systems bring the industrial market a more efficient charging solution. In addition to streamlining operations and saving precious time for operators, Delta’s new wireless technologies make the use of power cables and connectors, which on a facility-wide basis can cost thousands of dollars to replace when damaged or worn out, obsolete,“ said M.S. Huang, President of Delta Americas.

Delta’s wireless charging system is safe and highly reliable with no moving parts. It can be mounted to the wall or floor and is available in a range of power levels. It is comprised of a base-pad that is connected to a wall-box and a low-weight on-board unit that is integrated into the vehicle. The 1kW can charge with a 20 mm gap between the base-pad and on-board unit. The system can be programmed for any type of battery. The transmitting and receiving sections communicate via WIFI. Communications with the vehicle are via CANBus.

Overall the adoption of electric industrial vehicles is fairly new, with many companies still relying on gas and LPG powered lifts. Currently, the majority of industrial electric vehicles are charged using low-efficiency chargers that can waste more than 50 percent of the power consumed from the AC line. Delta’s durable wireless charging solutions are superior in efficiency and eliminate the costly wear and tear that wired systems experience. As industrial facilities continue to scale up and increase in complexity, wireless charging solutions that can keep pace with these developments and enhance workflow will be imperative.

In addition to its wireless charging technologies, Delta will also have on display its DC-DC converters, motor drives and more charging solutions, including modular high efficiency charging stations for forklift applications and on-board chargers designed to charge a battery within an industrial electric vehicle.

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11.04.2017   |  

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