Delphi’s advanced vehicle electrification products help improve the marketability of electrified vehicles

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Delphi Automotive PLC offers vehicle manufacturers scalable solutions for all levels of electrification and is focused on aggressively lowering the cost of vehicle electrification.Bild Delphi klein

Delphi provides full system integration, from power electronics to electrical/electronic architecture to electric propulsion systems and thermal management, including high-voltage cables and wiring, connection systems, electrical centers, plug-in and wireless electric vehicle charging, AC/DC inverters, DC/DC converters, battery packs, controls and the safety disconnect for the packs.

Vehicle sound generator to protect pedestrians

Delphi’s award-winning vehicle sound generator enables pedestrians to detect nearly silent hybrid and electric vehicles and allows automakers to meet upcoming global government safety legislation for EV/HEVs. Delphi’s single-box vehicle sound generator is approximately three times lighter than a conventional multi-box system and uses 90 percent less power, making it the most environmentally-friendly solution available. Its single-box design helps to reduce design, test and manufacturing cost, and its size and weight simplify packaging.

Scalable and Compact 12 Volt DC/DC converters for Start/Stop Vehicles

Delphi’s 12V DC/DC converters, with a power range up to 1,2 kW, stabilize the supply voltage during re-crank of the engine to help avoid dimmed lighting or surges that can affect displays or infotainment systems. Delphi’s digitally-controlled converters offer a competitive solution with reduced package size and cost compared to other available solutions in today’s market. Additionally, Delphi’s 12V DC/DC converters can be customized to meet specific vehicle architecture requirements. The technology was first introduced end of 2013 and will be featured on vehicles from several leading European OEMs.

High-Voltage Inverter with the Dual-Side, Liquid-Cooled Delphi Power Switch

The Delphi high-voltage power inverter integrates Delphi’s new liquid-cooled power switch. This power switch design provides low electrical and thermal impedances with the advantage of low inductance and the capability to provide both single and dual-sided component cooling. Due to the unique design and the elimination of wire bonds, the packages can handle much higher currents than industry standard packages of similar size and offer cost effective solutions that are capable of operating in demanding automotive environments for hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles.

High Voltage Connection Systems for Auxiliary Modules and Devices

Delphi has the industry’s largest product portfolio for high voltage connection systems used in lower current 40 – 100 amp applications. Delphi’s designs follow industry standards and guidelines for creep and safety, with high voltage interlock features available and terminal position assurance features incorporated. These products are typically applied in DC converter, on-board charging, and auxiliary module applications such as A/C compressors, heaters, and coolant control modules.

High Voltage Power Connection Systems

Delphi has one of the industry’s largest high power connection systems product portfolios, with pluggable connection systems that can carry up to 250 amps. Delphi’s designs follow industry standards and guideline for creep and utilize high voltage inter lock and mechanical assist features that meet major OEM requirements for safety and ergonomics. These products are applied in high power applications such as inverters, motor / generators, and high current / high voltage battery outputs.

Battery Pack Components

Delphi works closely with battery pack suppliers to provide products and system solutions that reduce Battery Pack complexity, assembly time, and ultimately the battery pack cost. Delphi’s products include high voltage contactor boxes, service disconnects, high voltage connection systems, cell monitoring connections, and high voltage wiring harnesses.

Chargers and Charging Cables

Delphi is today among the largest manufacturers of charging systems for electric vehicles, focused on delivering a fast, safe and reliable charge for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle drivers. Delphi Products that facilitate a global charging infrastructure include Delphi’s portable evehicle charger and charge coupler pigtails for integration into electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). With Delphi products, hybrid and electric vehicles can be powered safely and efficiently at home or away. Charging cables meet all global standard interfaces critical for vehicle charging including SAEJ1772, IEC 62196 Type II and GBT 20234.

About Delphi

Delphi Automotive PLC (NYSE: DLPH) is a leading global supplier of technologies for the automotive and commercial vehicle markets. Headquartered in Gillingham, England, Delphi operates major technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support services in 32 countries, with regional headquarters in Bascharage, Luxembourg; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai, China and Troy, Michigan, U.S.

Delphi delivers innovation for the real world with technologies that make cars and trucks safer as well as more powerful, efficient and connected.


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