Doppelmayr cable car Câble 1: Soaring over Paris

The commute to work in the greater Paris area often takes a long time. The bus is stuck in traffic, changing trains involves waiting times for the next connection and missing connections make using public transport unattractive for many. The local transport authority, Île-de-France Mobilités, decided to solve these challenges with a cable car. Doppelmayr has received the order for a 4.5-kilometer cable car connection with five stations to improve public transport in the Val de Marne district.

The “Câble 1” cable car will be a link in the public transport system, connecting various metro, bus and tram stops and bringing great time savings, especially in commuter traffic. As an additional mobility offer for 20,000 residents and 6,000 jobs, the cable car will optimally complement the multimodal transport offer. The travel time over the entire route is only 17 minutes, even during rush hour, as the cable car allows for constant operation unhindered by the rest of the traffic. With the use of an independent traffic level, cable car vehicles are always available for boarding at short intervals – a timetable is therefore not required. The cabins are barrier-free and can comfortably accommodate up to ten people – a seat is guaranteed.

Doppelmayr France will lead the project consortium. The ropeway specialists are supported by experts in infrastructure planning, landscape design, civil engineering and architecture. With the aim of putting the new traffic solution into operation in 2025, further planning steps will be worked out together in the coming months, the details will be fixed and implementation will start.;

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22.03.2022   |  

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