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Drive2Transform: R-Tech coordinates Europe-wide project on the future of the automotive industry

Electrification, automation and new business models are characterizing the upheaval in the automotive industry. The “Drive2Transform” project, which was launched at the beginning of June, offers small and medium-sized companies concrete regional and transnational measures to actively shape technological and market change. R-Tech GmbH is the lead partner in the almost 1.8 million euro project, which is funded by the EU Commission. The aim is to better network regional companies from the automotive and supplier industry through cooperation with other European partners, to exchange knowledge and to make them internationally competitive.

The nine project partners come from eight Central European countries. They all have many years of experience in the automotive industry and know both the regional players and the current challenges in this sector. “The central element of the cross-regional strategy of “Drive2Transform” is the so-called Transnational Automotive Open Transformation Platform,” explains Uwe Pfeil, manager of the Mobility & Logistics cluster based at TechBase Regensburg. “Through this platform, we provide proposed solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each region.” This includes, among other things, continuing education courses that focus on the activities and skills requirements in the automotive industry that will change as a result of the transformation.

Other partners in the project are: · Business Upper Austria – OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH (Austria) · Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region (Czech Republic) · Pforzheim University (Germany) · Pannon Business Network Association (Hungary) · NOI S.p.A (Italy) · Katowice Special Economic Zone SA (Poland) · Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (Slovenia) · SEVA – Slovak Electric Vehicle Association (Slovakia)

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