Neuer E-Tourneo Custom von Ford Pro erreicht mit überzeugender Leistungsfähigkeit, schickem Design und Premium-Ausstattungsdetails ein neues Niveau Foto: Ford

Electric MPV: E-Tourneo Custom from Ford Pro available to order throughout Europe

For large families or business customers on tour, Ford Pro is setting new standards in the MPV segment with the new E-Tourneo Custom. The completely newly developed multifunctional vehicle combines a highly efficient, purely electric drivetrain with a platform that has been specifically designed for maximum versatility and comfort. It is available in two different body lengths and can be ordered throughout Europe with immediate effect.

The all-electric drive system of the new E-Tourneo Custom consists of a battery with 64 kilowatt hours (kWh) of usable storage capacity and a 160 kW (218 hp) electric motor. It impresses with impressive performance, outstanding driving comfort and a maximum range of up to 302 kilometers. The all-electric MPV also allows “one-pedal driving”, which increases efficiency and improves comfort in city traffic. The driver accelerates and decelerates the car using the accelerator pedal alone.

The on-board 11 kW charger with three phases enables the traction battery to be fully charged in less than eight hours. At a fast-charging station with 125 kW direct current, it only takes around 39 minutes to refill the energy storage system from ten to 80 percent. A practical charging option supports the rapid recharging of useful additional energy during short stops. Under laboratory conditions, the system can increase the range by 38 kilometers within five minutes.

The new E-Tourneo Custom has a maximum permissible trailer load of 2,000 kilograms. It also allows high payloads for the comfortable and safe transportation of passengers and luggage. The Pro Power Onboard system of the E-Tourneo Custom and Tourneo Custom PHEV provides additional power connections in the interior. They are suitable for small electrical appliances as well as camping accessories, for example.

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