Candela C-8 ‘powered by Polestar’ shares battery and charging technology with Polestar 2. Foto: Polestar

Electric boat manufacturer Candela uses Polestar 2 battery and charging technology in Candela C-8 model

The new Candela C-8 “powered by Polestar” electric boat is the first product of a partnership between Polestar and Candela. The two Swedish mobility brands reached an agreement in August 2022: Polestar, the Swedish manufacturer of premium electric cars, will henceforth supply batteries and technology to power Candela’s electric hydrofoils. Candela C-8 can be seen exclusively at the Boot trade fair in Düsseldorf from 21 to 29 January 2023.

The Candela C-8 electric boat “powered by Polestar” will be powered by both the same 69 kWh battery pack and Polestar 2 Standard Range Single Motor DC charging technology. Candela calculates a range of up to 57 nautical miles on one battery charge at a cruising speed of 22 knots. These values are comparable to those of motor boats with combustion engines. The range in the high-speed range is even two to three times higher than that of conventional electric speedboats.

“With Polestar’s batteries, Candela C-8 is the first electric boat that can head for destinations that could previously only be reached by boats with internal combustion engines. Candela C-8 “powered by Polestar” marks a significant breakthrough for electrification at sea,” says Gustav Hasselskog, CEO and founder of Candela.

This high electrical performance on the water is possible thanks to a combination of innovative technology from Candela and Polestar. Candela C-8 uses an efficient pod motor with direct drive – the Candela C-POD – and “flies” on computer-controlled hydrofoils. This allows the hull to float above the water at high speeds and reduces energy consumption by up to 80 per cent compared to conventional motorboats.

In addition to the Polestar 2’s 69 kWh battery pack, Polestar is also supplying the DC fast-charging technology for the boat and providing its research and development capabilities to integrate the technology and software into the boat’s application and transfer it from land to sea.

“Sharing expertise on batteries and vehicle technology with Candela will help achieve our common goal: Making the transition to a future where all forms of mobility are sustainable,” adds Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar.

Supplying batteries and charging components to third parties in this way is a first for Polestar as an electric vehicle manufacturer and extends Polestar’s efforts to drive sustainable electric mobility beyond the automotive industry.;

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