Elvah and &Charge: Data makes e-mobility suitable for the masses

The platform for user engagement & charge feeds charging station data collected by its community and photos of the columns directly into the Elvah app. This improves data quality, reliability and the charging experience in the growing e-mobility market. The start-up Elvah offers a user-friendly charging app and a charging flat rate.

&Charge and Elvah both aim to make electric mobility suitable for the masses and thus advance the mobility revolution. Due to the countless market participants and grown structures, there is heterogeneity that negatively affects the data quality around charging stations in particular. Good-quality pictures of charging stations are still a rarity, and charging stations that are reported at the wrong address are part of everyday life for EV drivers.

With their cooperation, the two e-mobility start-ups want to improve the charging market. Since entering the market in January 2020, &Charge has established the first sustainable customer loyalty program for e-mobility in Europe and built up a community of thousands of e-car drivers. In addition to its customer loyalty program, &Charge focuses on the collection, processing and provision of comprehensive and so-called quality-assured charging station data (also known as POI data). In cooperation with elvah, &Charge provides high-quality and standardized photos of charging stations as well as corrected address data. elvah integrates this data directly into its loading app. The data quality improves for the users of the app, who can use it to drive to a charging station that is suitable for them even faster.

CSO and co-founder of &Charge, Simon Vogt, is pleased about the cooperation and sees a further step towards high and consistent data quality: “We are delighted to be entering into this important new partnership with Elvah and are convinced that we will work together in the future can provide drivers with significant added value through high data quality. Our ‘crowd-sourcing approach’, which no other company offers, provides the ideal basis for this.” Elvah co-founder and CEO, Gowrynath (Gowry) Sivaganeshamoorthy, adds: “We are convinced that we can Data quality in the charging network can only be improved collaboratively. For us, this also means that the entire industry should pull together to solve the existing problems of e-mobility. Silo thinking doesn’t get us anywhere here. We also expect the cooperation with &Charge to be even more convenient for Elvah’s customers: The photos will give you an impression of the available charging points. On the other hand, the photos support the findability of the columns in addition to the geolocation and map view already included in our app. The new cooperation also eliminates detours for outdated or incorrect charging station addresses.” www.and-charge.com; www.elvah.de

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18.03.2022   |  

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