eMonday – ITT Future Store Opening

Emission free, fully electric. Sounds like the future? Wrong!

ITT Future shows that everyone can move fully electric and without harming the world. The company is happy to announce to have opened its first store in Germany. eMove360° was there and organized the store opening event in Bad Wiessee am Tegernsee. Peter Grett from the Touremo GmbH talked about electric mobility in tourism and gave some interesting insights in what is needed to fulfill the dream to convert mobility in an emission-free pleasure for everyone.

Apart from testing E-Scooters and networking at lunch, ITT Future also raffled one Retro E-Scooter!

Electric mobility in and around the city, with fast charging times.

We in ITT Future care about our Earth and the sustainability of our world. Thats why our products always strike to not only make life of people easier, but also lower the ecological contamination as much as possible.


The JMI brand is a vision of the future, a vision without emssion, without traffic jams and with an easy and fast urban transport. A vision that is becoming a reality, thanks all of you..
Our motorcycles and scooters are built within Europe, with advanced technologies from quality materials and with a emphasis of safe and quality ride that you can enjoy .


We deleted one of the main issues with electric vehicles and that is their range. With our Electric scooters you can cruise around the city without worring about your power.

More information about ITT Future

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