emov heads to Lisbon to launch the city’s first all-electric carsharing service

Very successful in Madrid, emov already has more than 160,000 customers since its launch in December 2016, with a fleet of 600 Citroën C-Zero electric vehicles.

This offer will be soon available in Lisbon with a stand-out feature: beyond the city-centre, emov users will be able to start and end their journeys in close proximity to the airport facilities. Both residents and tourists will be able to access the service through their smartphones.

“In little more than a year, we’ve consolidated the emov service in Madrid,” said Fernando Izquierdo, Chief Executive Officer of emov, “and it’s always been one of our aims to broaden the scope of the project and operate in other domestic and international cities. Right now we’re focusing our efforts on the launch in Lisbon, but we haven’t ruled out the possibility of extending it to another large Spanish city before the end of the year”.

More news from emov

In Madrid, emov will soon deploy its corporate accounts solution, making it possible for many large companies, SMEs and start-ups to manage employee travel at a significant cost savings of up to 50% compared with conventional car and driver solutions.

Other recent developments include the elimination of the insurance deductible for individuals who choose to use emov. This means that for only €1 more per journey, users will not be liable for the €500 payment they would normally owe if responsible for damages to the vehicle. Fernando Izquierdo said, “This new feature, a first in Madrid, will maximise the customer experience. We’ve eliminated a barrier and now customers can travel worry-free”.


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