Ladelösungen für 18 bis 100 und mehr elektrifizierte Stellplätze: MAHLE chargeBIG

eMove360 ° exhibitor Mahle chargeBIG: Charge as quickly as necessary, not as quickly as possible

eMove360 ° Europe 2021, November 16-18, 2021, Messe München, East Entrance, Hall A6, Stand 705

Charge as fast as necessary, not as fast: under this motto, chargeBIG offers scalable and cost-effective charging infrastructure for day parkers, fleet operators and for areas of application with 18 to 100 or more electrified parking spaces. The charging solution for single-phase “AC Destination Charging” with charging capacities of up to 7.2kW consists of a central and intelligent control unit – the charging cabinet – and charging points with permanently installed type 2 charging cables. The intelligent charging system and the design-to-cost approach prevent investment measures in expanding the network connection and save costs and time in setting up the charging infrastructure. The available charging power is distributed to the parked vehicles via dynamic, phase-specific load management. chargeBIG reacts flexibly to other consumers in the network and uses the electric vehicles as a controllable load. In addition, the implementation of a full-service solution for individual charging needs, including professional advice, installation, maintenance, service, billing in accordance with calibration law and the operation of the charging points is offered. chargeBIG has been in compliance with calibration law since March 2021 and is the first provider in Germany to also offer its customers the option of tracking the charging of the kWh via the meter progress display on their smartphone. Using the chargeBIG app for iOS and Android or the universal web app, appropriately pre-equipped chargeBIG charging points can be activated via QR code scan or near field client (NFC). Charging processes are billed ad-hoc using common means of payment such as credit card or PayPal. The app offers the returning user the option of creating a user account and storing means of payment. This means that the loading process can be started with just a few clicks. For fleet customers, one-time visitors or the charging of company cars at the employer, chargeBIG also offers access codes for activation and cost center accounting. With its complete portfolio, chargeBIG is a provider of charging hardware and load management, charging point operator and mobility service provider.

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