eMove360 Award Finalist Category Battery & Powertrain: GUSTAV KLEIN

For the solution of Energy saving power supply for testing of batteries and electric power trains up to 1 MW GUSTAV KLEIN became finalist of the eMove360° Award 2020. The intelligent multi-channel system from GUSTAV KLEIN enables test and simulation of up to 1 MW per channel with only small grid power supply.  With the multi-channel test and simulation system for DC applications (MI-TS), GUSTAV KLEIN can put the energy of the DC power train into a circle. The same effect is possible when making long time charging and discharging test of battery packs. Energy is transferred from one battery pack to another with little losses, only the difference in power must be obtained from the grid. Every output can be controlled individually and may have different voltage and current. Each DC converter is bidirectional with an efficiency of 99% at full load. These systems are delivered with 2 or for 4 independent controllable bidirectional output channels, were 2 or all 4 channels may also be put in parallel. 

More informations: www.gustav-klein.com

02.11.2020   |  

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