eMove360° Award Winner Catgeory Electric Vehicle: Quantron AG

The coveted trophy in the Electric Vehicle category went to the Augsburg-based Quantron AG as the only full-range provider in Europe for electric and H2 mobility solutions for commercial vehicles and buses.



Quantron AG is the only full-range provider in Europe for electric and H2 mobility solutions for commercial vehicles from <3.49 to 44 t and buses. New vehicles can also be retrofitted on request, but the focus is clearly on the sustainable approach of electrifying existing and used vehicles to reduce emissions from new vehicle production. Compared to other e-mobility providers, the Quantron-vehicles are already on the road and can also be tested by customers. Quantron offers a comprehensive service: analysis in advance, support with the infrastructure (including digital) and the procurement of green electricity as well as when applying for subsidies, as well as rental, purchase, financing and leasing offers as well as driver training for the efficient use of the e-vehicles. With 700 service workshops across Europe, Quantron also guarantee vehicle maintenance and repairs across borders (unique among the providers).

Q-Remanufacturing for sustainable resource management

Thanks to Q-Remanufacturing, Quantron offers sustainable resource management with a second-life approach. With the conversion, the used vehicles get a second, quiet and emission-free life. The removed parts (engine, gearbox, exhaust system, tanks) go back to the manufacturer or to third-party suppliers as spare parts (Second Life). At the end of their service life, the batteries begin their second life in the stationary area. The lack of new vehicle production saves emissions that compensate for the emissions from battery production. The batteries are also free of nickel and cobalt. For the climate goals, Quantron already offer appropriate solutions with battery-powered e-vehicles for inner-city and regional traffic, as well as with fuel cells for long-distance journeys. By reducing noise and emissions, Quantron also improves the conditions for residents and employees in and on the vehicles, e.g. B. with our Q-Econic garbage truck. A few companies convert commercial vehicles, but like the OEMs, these are usually focused on new vehicles. Quantron is not a competition for the OEMs, but rather their problem solver by electrifying their used and existing vehicles as well as of Customer vehicles (Q remanufacturing).

Cooperations with strong partners

The market and customer potential are huge – even for vehicles with special bodies that do not have to be purchased again (resource and cost savings). Quantron cooperates with strong partners, u. a. with Karsan (new mini and midi e-buses), Voith (bus retrofit for all manufacturer brands), AE Driven Solutions GmbH (fuel cell light segment), Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (fuel cell heavy segment) and CATL (Q-Battery business unit). A Europe-wide service network is already available. There are already further sales points in Norway, Italy, Spain, Israel, Brazil and Nigeria to process international inquiries. Since it was founded in July 2019, 70 employees have been permanently employed. After moving to the new headquarters including production halls (3,000 m²) in Augsburg, the number of employees increased to 200 by the end of 2021. To date, around 400 e-vehicles have been brought onto the market with the partners. I.a. the e-Econic, which is already in use, shows that Quantron has a development lead over the OEMs (Mercedes plans launch in 2022). Through our own production in Augsburg u. the development of microfactories at the technology partners will therefore require a production capacity of approx. 8,000 vehicles / year built.

Q-IT service, Q-Cloud, Q-Bank and Q-Insurance

When it comes to digitization, Qquantron goes with its own Q-IT service and the Q-Cloud is a big step towards the future. All electrified vehicles are connected to a data analysis tool. Using this tool, for example, performance data and other parameters useful for operation can be called up very easily using an Android app or a Windows FMS application. Technical remote diagnosis and problem solving is also possible with this in order to avoid unnecessary service trips. The company’s own Q-Cloud provides the necessary storage capacities. Quantron is currently working on establishing a Q-Bank and Q-Insurance. This should not only offer financial and insurance services that are precisely tailored to e-mobility and customer needs, the entire process handling in the course of integrating e-mobility into the customer fleet is significantly accelerated and simplified.


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