eMove360° EUROPE 2022: Phihong launches Zerova to deliver flexible EV charging solutions to support accelerated electric rollout

PhihongTechnology, a leading power supply manufacturer, is launching a new subsidiary, Zerova Technologies, to cater exclusively to the electric vehicle (EV) charging market, at eMove360° EUROPE –  6th International trade fair für Mobility 4.0 electric – connected – autonomous in Berlin, 5-7th October 2022.

Charging availability and simplicity, as well as real time information and safety are key parameters to achieving EV drivers’ satisfaction. Drawing on parent company Phihong’s 50-year track record in power supply product R&D, Zerova’s tried-and-tested solutions are perfectly positioned to support this transition. Patrik Ott, VP Business Development at Zerova said, “The availability of charging infrastructure will be the key catalyst for the wider uptake of electric vehicles. By working in partnership with our customers to deliver agile solutions that adapt to the specific requirements of end users, regions and sites, we can accelerate the rollout and uptake of fit-for-purpose EV charging worldwide.”

“With the US and EU targets to produce 500,000 and 3 million public chargers respectively by 2030,we’re launching to empower the future–delivering charging solutions that enable organisations to be better and faster in rolling out such infrastructure. We’re excited to be attending the eMove360° EUROPE in October 2022 in Berlin to showcase the potential our products have to support sustainability goals.”

Zerova offers a comprehensive service to energy companies and fleet operators, providing everything from planning, design and production, to construction and set up, including real time monitoring of chargers and payment infrastructure. It also provides a comprehensive after sales service with rigorous training, 24/7 support and repairs and upgrades. The company draws on its parent company’s experience working with the likes of Audi, Jaguar, Helsinki Bus Charging Depot, and Watt EV.

As the number of electric vehicles grows year by year, Zerova’s power storage solutions will not only charge electric vehicles but can also return the energy of electric vehicles to the power grid (vehicle-to-grid) through reverse technology. The company’s energy storage solutions can also increase the multi-dimensional flexibility of the energy use of each charging station, and thereby relieve the load pressure of electricity during peak hours.

At the eMove 360° EUROPE 2022 Zerova will exhibit a variety of charging solutions, including Level 3 DC chargers ranging from 30kW to 360kW and Level 2 AC EVSE ranging from 16 amps to 48 amps, as well as portable chargers and user interface (HMI) and a cloud-based management platforms. Through its front-end mobile app, people can search for nearby chargers, schedule charging appointments, and monitor charging status. System operators can monitor the status of individual EV chargers and remotely update them, enabling long-term maintenance and management, tailored to their specific needs. Its suite of new products include:

-Dual Gun Dispenser: Providing short charging duration and an optimized gun line management system, the Dual Gun Dispenser also is smaller than many stations making it more flexible in terms of space usage when installed in a parking lot

-4thgeneration Media Charger: Designed to improve the usage rate and economic efficiency of the charging station, the Media Charger offers practicality and stability, and also serves as an advertising display and mediapromotion

-4thgeneration Depot Charger: The DepotCharger is suspended from the ground at the height of 5 meters to charge electric buses and is compatible with all standard charging technology specifications. It is fully modular and does not require human intervention for plugging and unplugging. The entire charging station can be expanded with a number of charging islands to meet customized needs

-4thgeneration Separate Charger: The Separate Charger is fully modular and designed for large open spaces and urban planning. Its unique feature is creating anopen sky area in the center of the module’s circumference. It is perfectly suited to be incorporated with renewable energy systems, to deliver emissions-free transport

-Liquid Cooling System DC charger: Designed to deliver up to 360KW/500A per output via a liquid-cooler connector, this product allows four simultaneous charging docks and supports smart charging and load balancing. It is particularly well suited for commercial fleets and EV dealers as well as gas station settings.

-Energy System Storage Solution: Delivering over 94% efficiency, this separate power cabinet allows easy installation and maintenance, and flexibility for different site needs.

All Zerova products have passed the IATF16949 certification, the highest quality management system standard in the automotive industryand support ISO15118. www.zerova.com, www.phihong.com

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