eMove360° membership

Join our eMove360° club!
Enjoy these features of the eMove360° membership (per year*):

  • eMonday participation free of charge, individual number of participants
  • session slot on eMonday club meetings (upon request)
  • access to participants lists of all eMove360° events
  • eMove360° Europe: trade fair tickets free of charge
  • one editorial article in our eMove360° News or one editiorial article (in German) in our eMove360° magazine
  • membership-status in our eMove360° App and web application for networking, chatting and lead generation (access to virtual meeting rooms and speed networking sessions all year)

eMove360 eMonday Club 2020 – EN



*The annual amount of €95 is cancelable for the first time on September 30 of the following calender year. The membership refers to one calendar year.