evway: 3 different types of account for only one App

What are the types of electric drivers today? How many people use the electric car for work? How many cars are part of a fleet company? How many people, instead, use it for their own profession? How many people use if for private reasons?

evway, the most complete and reliable professional App for European EV-Drivers, has considered the presence of different EV-Drivers and to respond to their needs has created 3 different types of accounts: private, business and corporate. Each user, in this way, has the possibility to choose the type of Profile that best suits him.

All profile are personal and characterized by personal name, surname and email of the accountholder.

The Private Profile is for those who use the car for personal reasons.  The user purchase ladybugs, necessary credits for charge on over 100.000 charging points around Europe, directly from the App via PayPal, credit card, Android Pay and Apple Pay, and receive the invoice in his own name.

The Business Profile, is dedicated to all users who need invoice in his own company – usually those who practice a profession and use the car for work. In this case the user purchases ladibugs directly from the App and receives the invoice against the purchase.

The Corporate Profile, instead, is dedicated to companies that have a company’s fleet and want to receive a single cumulative invoice rather than having one for each employee.  With a Corporate agreement, the company can access to a control panel that shows all charging data of its employees, he can set usage thresholds and know in real time the fleet’s consumptions. The charging sessions are reported and invoiced periodically.

For a combined usage of the car, during the week for work and in the weekend for private usage, it’s possible to set multiple profile. Thanks to the multiple-account during the week the user can charge with the business/corporate profile, while in the weekend he can use the private account.

Thanks to the flexibility of its own platform, the evway App respond to needs of any type of users.


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