evway and MiMoto together for an intermodal electric mobility

evway becomes the first intermodal App dedicated to the electric world in Europe.

Thanks to the partnership with MiMoto – the first made in Italy free-floating electric scooter sharing service in the cities of Milan, Turin and Genoa -, from today, on the evway App, you can view the yellow scooters in sharing. With this option, the drivers who already moves electrically, can travel even the “last mile” in a sustainable way, optimizing times.

Through the integration of MiMoto with evway, the user can plan his own charge, identifying on the map the MiMoto e-scooter that best suits his needs and thus choosing the charging station closest to it.

For the occasion, MiMoto has launched an offer dedicated to evway users who will sign up for scooter sharing: a promotional code that entitles them to register for 0.01€ and 8€ for free rentals.

The intent of both realities is to give new energy to urban mobility, making travel increasingly sustainable, simple, shared, fast and integrated.

Franco Barbieri, founder of Route220, is very satisfied of this collaboration and pointed out that the integration of the location of the MiMoto scooters within the App, has made evway the first intermodal App dedicated to emobility in Europe. “evway and MiMoto are redesigning the travel experience of those who move electrically in the city: the EV-Driver can rely on a single intermodal tool that guides it from the moment it leaves the house to its final destination… the user, within a single App, has the information of both services – charging and sharing – which allow him to plan his stop in a smarter and faster way. The first true solution of #sustainable #smartmobility“.

“Let’s imagine a not too distant future in which mobility will be intermodal and the user will choose the most suitable vehicle for the journey he has to take.” – states one of the founders of MiMoto Vittorio Muratore – “We do not consider ourselves competitors of bike sharing, car sharing or public transport, but we believe that every vehicle is suitable for making a specific type of travel. We are happy about the partnership with evway because it marries exactly this logic and aims to complete the offer to satisfy every type of demand requirement.”


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