evway eMX: the ideal solution for your range anxiety

Available charging stations, navigation directions, car consumptions, personal interests… There are many variables to consider when you organize a trip with an electric car.

How many times did you have to schedule in advance the route and the stops along the way? How many times have you planned a route according to consumptions of your car and then you realized that it was necessary to change route to avoid being without charge? How many Apps ask you to connect to your car to tell you how you have to travel, forgetting about the territory you’re going through?

Currently, in fact, to plan a trip with an electric vehicle you have to display the available charging stations along the route on a specific App and choose the route to be followed based on this. Secondly, you must use a second navigation App to reach the chosen destination. In this way, however, passing from one App to another, you no longer have the information on the charging stations that are there along your route. In this case, you lose the charging or the navigation information. What if you add that the car battery is running out faster than expected? In this case you have to re-open the App of mapping of charging stations and look for a charging point that is available, near and on your route. In these cases the journey carefreeness leaves the place to range anxiety.

We at evway – EV-Drivers in first person – have encountered these difficulties over and over again and for this reason we are committed to find a solution that can improve the travel experience of those who drive electric.

From here comes eMX, the first navigator dedicated to EV-Drivers.

evway eMX marks the beginning of a new era of electric mobility, an era made of experience and not of anxiety, discovery and not research, travel and not scheduling.

It is no longer necessary to schedule charging stops in advance or rely on external navigators or even to impose speed and routes from external systems: take control of your guide and of your travel experience. By activating the eMX assisted navigation function, inside the evway App you can simply drive or choose a destination and get the navigation directions with the indication of all the charging stations available around you while you move along the route, the same App that allows you to access and pay over 90,000 charging points in Europe.

But there is more: with evway you can also choose the charging station that best suits your needs, so as to give value to the charging time. The stations along your route are displayed with different markers by product category – hotel, restaurant, entertainment, shopping center, museum – and the current status is also indicated, occupied or not, if free of charge or with a charging fee, if AC or DC, all to give more value to your time.

With evway eMX all you need for your electric trip in a single App to enjoy the journey without any uncertainty or anxiety… Route, stops and interactions with the territory: you are in control of the journey.


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