evway: the most complete and reliable professional app for electric drivers

A rainy evening, the car unloads and the need to charge your electric car. You rely on your favorite App to find the most appropriate charging station and, when you arrive at your destination, you find out that the station is not exactly here or, for some reason, it denies you the possibility to charge.

Try calling the customer service, but the wait is endless and you end up changing the station hoping that the alternative you’ve identified is in the right place, free and without any problem. It sounds like a surreal scene, but those who drive electric know that this does not differ much from reality: it happened, at least once, to all EV-Drivers.

From this need to have complete and accurate information was born evway, the most reliable professional App for who travels electric in Europe, since the information on the map is always verified in real time by our technical team.

The map shows over 200,000 charging points in Europe, both interoperable and non-interoperable, with all the information needed to charge: location, power, socket types, station status – if it is interoperable – access mode, possible card needed, etc. The blue stations on the map are smart and interoperable, they allow activation and payment via App and KeyFob. The grey stations can be activated only with different systems, chosen by individual operator and reported on the detail page. The color gradations also indicate the available power.

Thanks to agreements with over 120 interoperable European partners, evway guarantees easy access to charge on over 80,000 points across Europe: evway is the only interoperable operator with Enel X, allowing users to be able to travel and charge throughout Italy without problems.

To further simplify the journey, evway offers a unique tariff for each European country: this means that, regardless of the operator managing the single charging station, the charge cost is the same on all interoperable points in the same country. In this way the user no longer needs to make comparisons between many Apps to search the most convenient tariff.

If you are looking for an hotel, a restaurant, a shopping center or a parking where you can also charge, the evway App shows the facility that best suits your needs with a dedicated marker for each category. A promotional page is also available with details, services offered and direct contacts of each facility. If, on the other hand, you want to continue your journey without leaving the motorway section, you can use the “highway” filter to display only the highway’s stations on the map. To meet the specific needs of EV-Drivers and E-Bikers, the evway App also includes a double map: one entirely dedicated to cars and one for e-bikes and e-scooters.

But it does not end here … With evway the charge stop can always become a positive experience and a source of personal enrichment.

The App reports all the points of interest near charging stations – museums, shopping centers, hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants … -, becoming an opportunity of visibility for all stakeholders in the area.

In the specific section of the App dedicated to the enhancement of charging time and the discovery of the territory, the user also has the possibility to view all the coupons at his disposal, the reserved offers and promotions of the evway partners.

To travel more safely the EV-Driver, after downloading the evway App, can request for free the evway KeyFob, a universal RFID reader, which allows you to charge without smartphone across Europe and, for any need related to the charging process, you can rely on evway customer care that is active 24/7 to meet all your needs.

With evway, traveling in electric in Europe has never been so easy.


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