Experts discuss future mobility at the digital MQ! Innovation Summit

  • – MQ! Innovation Summit: digital for the first time
  • – Board Member for Personnel, Sabine Maassen: “Making ideas into reality, between challenges and opportunities”
  • – Digital discussion forums give depth to keynote speakers’ diverse views of future mobiliasty

With #neverstopquestioning as the motto, this year once again Audi invited international experts to a digital discussion on the future of mobility. The core questions remain: is there a “mobility quotient” (MQ), like an IQ? And how can it be measured? How will we define sustainable mobility in the future? How can customers’ needs best be integrated into product development? These are just a few of the questions that 1,500 participants from 70 countries, as well as external and internal experts, considered in various digital formats over the past two days.

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18.11.2020   |  

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