The eMove360° conferences are taking place from October 16 – 18, 2018 at the conference facilities of the Messe München exhibition halls A5 and A6 as well as at the meeting rooms of the press center at Entrance East. Ckeck-In will be provided at Entrance East as for the eMove360° trade show. The congress is giving an outlook on development models of the future and encourages to meet up for technical discussions and networking. Receiving admission as a speaker deserves an application including an abstract sent to us by e-mail. The language spoken at the congress is English.

The congress is not suitable to market current products. This can be done at the trade fair Forum. Speaking slots can be booked there as well. Admission to the trade fair Forum is free of charge for all visitors. The languages spoken at the Forum are German and English.

Category: Visitors

Prices online:
Visitor 3-Day-Ticket trade fair: 35,00€
Visitor One-Day-Ticket trade fair: 20,00€
Visitor 1-Day student: 13,00€

Prices onsite:
Visitor 3-Day-Ticket trade fair: 39,50€
Visitor One-Day-Ticket trade fair: 25,00€
Visitor 1-Day Student: 13,00€

You can find the tickets for the eMove360° here!

Category: Visitors

eMove360° Battery Conference
October 17-18, 2018
Messe München, Entrance East

eMove360° Fuel Cell Conference
October 16, 2018
Messe München, Entrance East

eMove360° Connected & Autonomous Mobility Conference
October 16-17, 2018
Messe München, Entrance East

eMove360° Electric Vehicle Charging & Energy Conference
October 16 2018
Messe München, Entrance East

eMove360° Electric Mobility Engineering Conference
October 17-18, 2018
Messe München, Entrance East

network-club for mobility 4.0
October 17, 2018
Start: 6 pm
Messe München, Entrance East
8 times a year event in Munich

eMove360° Award
for Electric Mobilty & Autonomous Driving 2018
October 15, 2018
Start: 6 pm
Glyptothek München
For this event you need special tickets! Available soon!

Design & Technology Award 2018
Ocotber 16, 2018
Start: 6 pm
Messe München, Entrance East
Available with your trade fair ticket.

Category: Visitors

You can find the cash maschine at the Entrance East.

Category: Visitors

The costs for the wardrobe is 2,50 € for one clothing/suitcase.
You can find the wardrobe at entrance east in the basement.

Category: Visitors

The test track is on the parking spot P7/ P8 and reachable over the Entrance East.

You can visit the test track with your trade fair ticket.

Categories: General, Visitors

Opening hours eMove360° Europe 2018 – Visitors:

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
9 am – 6 pm

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
9 am – 6 pm

Thursday, October 18, 2018
9 am – 5 pm

Category: Visitors

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The following services are included in the application fee:

– Entry in the catalogue and industry hub
– Guest Ticket

These services can be also interesting for you:

– Marketing-Business-Package (0.1)
– Slot at the forum (0.2)
– Article in the eMove360° magazine (0.4)
– Article in the Industry-E-Newsletter (0.5)
– Booking of a conference room (0.62)
– Parking Permits (8.2)
– Upgrade at the Industry Directory (logo –> Bronze Package)

If you want to do an order, please send us the order form.

Category: co-exhibitors

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General information

As an exhibitor you get the conference tickets for the member price.
Single conference: 708,05€
all conferences – 3 days: 1.184,05€
If you are interested, please contact: lisa.schenkl@emove360.com

Category: General

Contact for the trade fair eMove360° Europe 2018

Ms Sabrina Nervegna
Management Assistant
telepone: +49 89 322991-20
e-mail: sabrina.nervegna@emove360.com

Ms Lisa Schenkl
telephone: +49 89 322991-16
mobile: +49 176 10438556
e-mail: lisa.schenkl@emove360.com

Mr Holger Neumann
PR & award manager
telephone: +49 89 322991-34
mobile: +49 176 104306510
e-mail: holger.neumann@emove360.com

Mr Gerhard Holmer
telephone: +49 89 322991-26
mobile: +49 176 10539740
e-mail: gerhard.holmer@emove360.com

Mrs Edyta Szwec
Director Sales eMove360°
telephone: +49 89 322991-23
mobile: +49 176 64287623
e-mail: edyta.szwec@emove360.com

Mr Marco Ebner
telephone: +49 89 322991-13
mobile: +49 176 40539465
e-mail: marco.ebner@emove360.com

MunichExpo Veranstaltungs GmbH
Zamdorfer Straße 100
81677 München

Category: General

Here you find all the times for setup, dismantling and which gates you can use to get to the halls.

The official setup starts on Saturday, October, 13 2018 at 8 am until Monday, October, 15 2018 until 6 pm.
Dismantling starts directly after the closing of the trade fair, Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 5 pm until Friday, October 19, 2018 at 6pm.

It is a 24 hours setup and dismantling possible!

Opening hours for exhibitors:

Tuesday, 10/16/2018| 8 am – 7 pm
Wednesday, 10/17/2018| 8 am – 7 pm
Thursday, 10/18/2018| 8 am – end of dismantling

You can find the traffic guide 2018 here.

Category: General

The test track is on the parking spot P7/ P8 and reachable over the Entrance East.

You can visit the test track with your trade fair ticket.

Categories: General, Visitors

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Exhibitor passes

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This year we present to our exhibitors our new community on our website, as well as the Industry Directory.

Please register on our Homepage (Link: https://www.emove360.com/de/register/ )

Once you registered with your e-mail you can click on industry directory and find your company in the drop down menu

To appear with a logo online, please book the Bronze-Package in the eMove360° Market, which you find in your account, for 300,00€ more.


  • all services of the member package
  • Logo
    Upload your logo, so you can be found visually and stand out
  • Profile text:
    explain what your company about
  • Social Media links
    to facebook, twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, Google+
  • 5 more industry-categories:
    10 categories, under which you can be found
  • 3rd level position
    You get a higher ranking in the total list and a bronze label


If you also want to present a product or insert documents, photos or videos, you can book the silver or gold package.

All packages and services can be found and booked in your profile in the eMove360° Industry Directory – ‚eMove360° Market‘.

Your entry from 2017 is still available. You can use your chosen access data. If you forgot your password, you can set a new one, when you try to login.

If you want to authorize more persons to edit your entry, please send me an email:



Categories: catalogue, Exhibitor

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Technical orders

stand construction partner:

Olof-Palme-Straße 1
81829 Munich
telephone: +49 89 949-24980

Tanja Göpfert
telephone: +49 89 949-28363

Use our configurator for your stand construction or additional equipment.

To avoid problems with your stand construction, you find here all the important facts about it:

Max. height of your booth and advertisement is 7.50m.

An approval is necessary, if:

– Height of stand or advertisement is higher than 3m
– standsize is larger or equals 100m²
– if you have a cover on your stand

The backwalls have to be white, clean of installation materials and neutral from a height of 2.50m.

Advertisement booth:
Advertising mediums have to have a 2m distance to the border of the neighbour booth.

Lounge/ Common rooms:
Each room on a bootharea has to have a intervisibility (glasdoor, window, etc.; min. 0,8m x 0,2m), which has to be insured by sitting and standing.

!! Here you find the general guidelines of Messe München!!

To be safe, that everything is alright, send your plans to lisa.schenkl@emove360.com and you will get an approval of the technical exhibitor service.

For specific questions about your stand construction you can also contact tas1@messe-muenchen.de!

Necessary application for the following subject:

Subject to approval in the halls:
– Exhibition stands with a floor area of more than 100m²
– Two-story stands structures
– Stands structures with horizontal ceilings/canopies
– Vehicles and containers

Subject to approval in the outdoor exhibition area:
– Stands with a floor area of more than 50m²
– Multi-story stands

Subject to approval in the halls and outdoor exhibition area:
– Stands with chairs arranged in rows and/or around tables for
more than 200 persons
– Slide projection and/or film shows in darkened rooms
– Use of compressed gases, liquid gases and flammable
liquids and deep fryers > 50I capacity
– Use of welding equipment and activities involving naked
– Open fires and activities involving risk of fire
– Acids and lyes
– Use of radioactive materials and bio-hazardous substances

If you want to deliver something to your booth at the trade fair, please use the following address:

eMove360° Europe 2018
company name of the exhibitor
Hall + booth number
Am Messesee 2
81829 Munich

There has to be someone onsite to accept the delivery.
MunichExpo Veranstaltungs GmbH is not responsible.

If you want to deliver something ealier and/ or storage something, then use the technical order form 10.1.
If you have any questions you can contact Kühne + Nagel or Schenker directly.
They will bring your delivery to your booth during the setup to a requested time.

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