Mina Tander mit dem neuen Opel Mokka-e

Fully electric fan Mina Tander: In love with the Opel Mokka-e

In the current issue of the eMove360° magazine in german language (free download PDF), the popular actress Mina Tander explains why sustainability is particularly important to her – in everyday life as well as in mobility. She has been driving electric cars from Rüsselsheim for years – she is currently enthusiastic about the Opel Mokka-e.

“I love driving an e-car because you can be on the road without emissions with a clear conscience,” says the native of Cologne. “Of course, an electric car that looks good helps to advance e-mobility even faster. As you drive by, the Mokka-e shows how exciting and at the same time suitable for everyday use a battery-electric model can be today,” explains the character actress. She knows what she’s talking about, having won the hearts of the audience at the latest with equally convincing performances in the comedy “Maria, he doesn’t like it!” and the sequel “Antonio, he doesn’t like it!”.

Bold, clear and unconventional – the Opel Mokka is a type of character: the most striking feature of the front view is the unmistakable Opel Vizor. As with a full-face helmet, a protective visor covers the new brand face, which integrates the vehicle grille, the LED headlights and the central Opel lightning bolt in one element. The same clear picture in the interior: The fully digital Opel Pure Panel takes Mokka drivers into a completely new world with two widescreen displays. The important functions can be grasped intuitively; disturbing visual stimuli are left out. The Mokka combines pioneering design with a similar drive concept. “You can see that Opel is a brand that wants to make innovative technologies in its vehicles accessible to all sections of the population. There are employees behind it who have a lot of heart and pay attention to every detail,” Mina Tander is sure.

“In discussions with those responsible at Opel about the electrification of the brand and the topic of sustainability, I have repeatedly experienced how important this is to everyone. It’s not for nothing that Opel is a pioneer when it comes to electromobility.” That’s why the Tander family has been driving Opel’s electric models for years: first the e-pioneer Opel Ampera, then the Opel Corsa-e. Cars that, for Mina Tander, combine full suitability for everyday use with responsible driving fun. Take the Corsa‑e, for example: Thanks to the directly applied torque of 260 Newton meters, it goes from zero to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds and has a range of up to 337 kilometers according to WLTP before the next charging stop. Achievements that convince you and many others. It is not for nothing that Germany’s currently best-selling small car was awarded the “Golden Steering Wheel” in the battery-electric version.

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