Future Mobility Conference 2020: Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christian Chlupsa – Professor at FOM University

MobilityCode – The Solution for your Mobility Communication – Part 2: The BRANDING CODE®

The purpose of this presentation is to understand how implicit processes determine individual and organisational behaviour in the context of business to business (B2B) decision making. The study focus on the understanding of the motivations driving professional behaviour in B2B situations. New study challenges the classical economic theory of the homo economicus, and focuses on the role of implicit motives as a possible driver.

The findings of the research indicate that marketing is much more a selective communication as assumed. The impact of marketing communication is not always consciously perceived by customers and the most part is implicit.

The result is that, it can be postulated that rational choice in B2B decision making may play a limited role. In addition marketing experts from various industry sectors emphasise the importance and the potential impacts for future B2B marketing.

About Prof. Dr. Christian Chlupsa

His speciality: BRANDING CODE® – the establishment and management of brands based on the latest findings in behavioural economics.

He studied business administration with a focus on marketing. At the end of the 80s he started his career with the newspaper Abendzeitung in Munich. Until the mid-90s, Christian Chlupsa was a presenter on a variety of radio stations. He wrote his PhD thesis on implicit communication and received his PhD at the University of Plymouth. He is a guest lecturer at various colleges and universities. Christian Chlupsa is professor at FOM University of Economics and Management.

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