Der BD Nano-Kompressor von Secop im E-Auto ist kompakt, leistungsstark und leise. Foto: Secop

Gadget for the summer: refrigerators in electric cars

The powerful batteries in electric cars can constantly power a refrigeration unit that helps maintain the temperature of chilled food and drinks. As a result, refrigerators are well on their way to becoming a standard or optional feature in mainstream models and not just limited to luxury brands.

Refrigerator performance and reliability depend largely on the compressor used. Refrigerators equipped with the BD Nano compressor from the manufacturer Secop offer fast and stable cooling, even at high outside temperatures. The cooling process is fast and takes less than two hours. The temperature remains stable, which ensures the preservation of food and keeps drinks cold. The BD nano-compressor is lightweight and efficient, with a COP (Coefficient of Performance) that can reach up to 1.53 W/W (ASHRAE LBP conditions), resulting in low energy consumption, longer battery life and optimized total cost of ownership. Finally, another important feature is the largely silent operation, as electric motors do not make any noise.

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