Next Generation GKN Automotive 800V-Inverter. Foto: GKN Automotive

GKN Automotive introduces next generation of 800V inverters for electric vehicles

GKN Automotive, the world leader in automotive drive systems, introduces the next-generation 800-volt inverter. In addition to weight reduction and increased power density, the focus during development was on sustainability requirements. The new inverter offers a 20 percent higher output power than the previous version and thus allows a 50 percent increase in power density. The power-to-weight ratio, on the other hand, has been reduced by 60 percent and the copper content by 63 percent compared to the previous model. GKN Automotive is designing the new inverter generation to be backwards compatible. This also makes it possible for manufacturers to build on an existing 400V architecture.

With 800V technology, shorter charging intervals, a more powerful battery and increased performance for future electric vehicle generations can be implemented. According to GKN Automotive’s in-house market forecasts, 800V technology will prevail from 2025 and thus become the standard for electric drives.

“With the weight reduction of 60% and the associated saving of 63% less copper, we have taken a big step towards sustainability – we are very proud of that. We have worked resource-saving with this new inverter from the beginning and the numbers prove this impressively . The future of electric drives is clearly in 800V technology. At the same time, there will still be 400V systems. With the new generation of inverters, we can offer our customers both high-voltage architectures: 400V and 800V. Both variants are based on the same platform, which allows us to offer our customers the same, high level of maturity in a competitive manner, regardless of the technology,” says Dr. Christoph Gillen, Director of Systems Engineering at GKN Automotive.

This latest innovative product from GKN Automotive is the result of an ongoing mission to push the boundaries of development and promote a cleaner, more sustainable world. Supporting this approach is GKN Automotive’s Formula E partnership with the Jaguar TCS Racing Team, which demonstrates how on-track performance can inform on-road systems development through accelerated development and testing in extreme, demanding scenarios.

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