HGPower GmbH presents a series of new 3.3 kW charging systems for electric mobility at the eMove360

HGPower GmbH, specialist for DC / DC converters and charging technology for electromobility, will be present at the eMove360 in Munich from 15 to 17 October. Amongst others, the company from Baden-Württemberg presents the new series of 3.3kW loaders, which are available in output voltage up to 510V as well as 48-72V system.

The rugged design and compact dimensions make this OBC stand out. It is possible to adapt the electrical parameters, the physical interfaces and the CAN protocol to application-specific requirements. In addition, the company will be showcasing various on-board and portable charging systems, as well as DC / DC converters for electromobility. Solutions with output powers of up to 6.6kW are already
available in various designs, e.g. air or liquid cooled, available.

In addition, HGPower GmbH will show on-board as well as portable chargers in the power ranges 650W, 1kW and 2kW for use in conjunction with LEVs, e.g. E-scooters, e-quads or even electric boats and similar vehicles. The assortment is supplemented by DC / DC converters with different output powers. With a clear focus on solutions to the challenges in the electrification of mobile applications, HGPower GmbH will shortly be presenting further new products and solutions for a successful turn towards electromobility.

For more than 30 years, the long-established company from China has successfully developed and manufactured power supply and charging solutions, including for electric mobility. The European subsidiary of HGPower, HGPower GmbH in Germany, represents an important interface between the Asian company and its customers and partners in the local market.

The company has recognized electromobility as an important area for the next few years. “The exciting field of electromobility plays an increasingly important role for us as an important industry of the future,” explains Heiko Schweizer, Managing Director at HGPower GmbH. “Politics and society are setting the course for a sustainable key technology here. As a solution provider backed by a strong Chinese development department, we can offer our customers both off-the-shelf and customized solutions.”



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