Ab März 2024: Hochautomatisiertes Fahren auf Level 3 im neuen BMW 7er ermöglicht Nebentätigkeiten wie Videostreaming. Foto: BMW Group

Highly automated driving: Approval for Level 2 and Level 3 combination for BMW

BMW is the first car manufacturer in the world to receive approval for a combination of BMW Highway Assist (Level 2) and BMW Personal Pilot L3 (Level 3) driving assistance systems in a single vehicle. The new BMW 7 Series thus sets a milestone in the field of automated driving and offers the unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of both systems in the same vehicle.

BMW Highway Assistant (Level 2): more comfort on long journeys.
Due to its availability at speeds of up to 130 km/h, this extended Level 2 function offers a significant increase in comfort, especially on long-distance journeys. The BMW Motorway Assistant can be used as an additional function of the Steering and Lane Control Assistant on freeways with structurally separated lanes. On these routes, the driver can take his hands off the steering wheel for longer periods of time and position them comfortably, as long as he keeps a close eye on the traffic and is always in a position to take over the steering task again.

During semi-automated driving, the BMW 7 Series Sedan can also change lanes without the driver having to reach for the steering wheel again. This is made possible by the active lane change assistant. If the traffic situation permits, it carries out the steering movements and speed adjustments required for an overtaking maneuver. In addition, a lane change offered by this system can be initiated simply by the driver looking in the wing mirror.

BMW Personal Pilot (Level 3): Enjoy secondary activities in traffic jams.
Take your hands off the steering wheel and temporarily turn your attention away from the traffic – that’s highly automated driving at Level 3. The BMW Personal Pilot L3 function of the BMW 7 Series offers a new driving experience: under certain conditions, the driver can completely hand over driving tasks to the vehicle up to 60 km/h and turn away from the traffic. Highly automated systems can take over driving completely in specific traffic situations, such as traffic jams on the highway. This even allows the driver to perform secondary activities such as making phone calls, reading, writing messages, working or video streaming. However, the driver must always be ready to take control again within a few seconds if the vehicle asks him to do so, for example in roadworks situations.

The combination of all driving assistance systems in one vehicle represents a decisive step forward and offers a full range of services for long and short journeys, for added comfort and relaxation while driving. “By combining both technologies in the new BMW 7 Series, we are setting a new benchmark in the automotive industry. We are underlining our commitment to our customers to offer a safe, comfortable and innovative driving experience,” says Dr. Mihiar Ayoubi, Senior Vice President Driving Experience BMW Group.

The BMW Autobahn Assistant and Driving Assistant Professional will be offered together with the optional equipment BMW Personal Pilot L3, exclusively in Germany at a total price of 6,000 euros (incl. VAT). From 08/24, vehicles already delivered with the BMW Personal Pilot L3 optional equipment will also have the option of extending the range of functions to include the BMW Motorway Assistant free of charge.

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