How the evway map works and how to take advantage of its many services

When planning a trip by electric car or when you are already traveling, there is nothing more important than always having an eye on where you can charge and what type of station you can use in the surroundings. From short itineraries of daily life to trips outside the city and holidays, the evway map is a performing and complete tool that can satisfy every need of an aware EV-driver.

The evway map is the center of gravity of the service to charge the electric car on over 190.000 stations throughout Europe, a web that covers the territory extensively from cities to rural areas, from highways to touristic points of interest, making itself strong on a solid network of 120 interoperable European suppliers/partners. A solid and safe ally, which takes by the hand and accompanies the most expert user and the one who has only recently entered the world of eco-sustainable travel.

Thanks to the recent app update, evway has refined the graphics even more to allow at a single glance to understand the location, availability and characteristics of a nearby charging station or on the desired route.


How the evway map works

The evway map is like a constantly changing organism, a window that is always open and updated in real time on what surrounds you, to travel in relaxation, without setbacks or nasty surprises. It is the starting point for an experience of comfort, with a wide range of services from the evway universe, which can meet the needs of individuals and companies, with usefulness for work or for free time and with the possibility to explore some itineraries suggested.

The interactable symbols that populate the map inform on two levels: the immediate one, thanks to the colors and icons, and the extended one, when the page is opened. In the first case, the colored dot inside the marker can be green to indicate availability, blue in use and red in maintenance while the shade of the marker becomes darker the more the power delivered by the plug increases.

All stations allow you to fill up with energy by activating them from the app or from the evway KeyFob, the key ring equipped with an RFID chip. There are three types of stations:

Public stations always available and without internal symbol;

Private stations for public use that indicate in the center the nature of the structure that hosts them, such as a parking lot with the “P” or a supermarket with a shopping cart;

● The evway partners who are marked with marker of different colors (e.g. orange for touristic facilities, purple for shopping, etc.) and which show a descriptive icon of the annexed facility.

Each marker hides an undergrowth of deep information with a rich information page on the nature of the service. In the case of partners, you can find out more about the facility by reading a presentation, viewing photos and accessing direct contacts to book your stay without leaving the application.

The map is accompanied on the right by buttons for further commands:

● Search for a station by entering information such as the location, type of service or point of interest with the magnifying glass;

● the setting of filters based on the type of plug or the power supplied with the funnel icon;

● the dynamic orientation of the map with the classic compass icon.

The sliding search bar at the top of the map is very convenient, to instantly filter the charging stations according to the product category of the location if you want to optimize the stop, for example by filling up while shopping in a mall or tasting local specialties in a restaurant with an adjacent station.
Ready to travel? On the eve of departure you can take advantage of the Route Planner to organize a route without thoughts and independently by entering the departure and destination and, on the road, here is the indispensable eMX navigator that shows (now also in landscape mode) all the stations in the surroundings as you go.


How to charge your ev from the evway map

As with the search for columns and stations, charging is also a stress-free and extremely intuitive procedure. Once the car has been parked near the plug, simply tap the pin in the app referring to the station of the evway and partner network, then:

choose the plug for charging;

● the summary page opens and allows you to choose the account (for example, private or business) and the payment method (from ladybugs to credit cards up to PayPal)

● then confirm.

All very easy, even for those who don’t chew a lot of technology. And if you are in any doubt or difficulty there is the assistance service managed internally by evway, remotely guaranteed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a tap on the “Menu” button at the bottom right.

In short, the map of the evway app is the best ally for those who have chosen to travel on a clean propulsion vehicle, taking advantage of the latest technologies and actively participating in the global decarbonization process. 

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