Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference 2020: Speaker: Dr. Ludwig Jörissen – ZSW

Autostack Industrie, towards high power stack Technology ready for series Production

AutoStack Industrie is a joint initiative of the German automotive and supply industry to establish the technical and technological prerequisites for commercial introduction of fuel cell vehicles in Germany and Europe beyond 2020.

The project aims at joint development and utilization of a fuel cell stack technology for automotive application based on manufacturing processes and techniques capable to fulfill automotive quality and cost targets in a mass production of stacks and components.

Common design specifications and quality requirements of the OEMs shall generate enhanced economies of scale for the development, manufacturing and joint utilization of the stack and/or its key components.

The development deals with all relevant aspects of the component and stack design as well as selection and validation of suitable mass manufacturing technologies and equipment including development of a factory layout for production of 30 000 stacks/year.

The presentation will deliver insight to the development results of Evolution 1 and overall status of the project.

The project is funded by the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure via NOW, the German National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells.

About Dr. Ludwig Jörissen

Studied Chemistry at the University of Ulm and graduated with a doctorate in Physical Chemistry. Since 1990, Ludwig is working at Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden Württemgerg (ZSW) as a research rcientist. He is currently leading the Fuel Cell Fundamentals department and coordinating the fuel cell research activities at ZSW.


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