Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference 2020: Speaker: Jürgen Gerhardt, Consultant – Bosch Management Support GmbH

Bosch Systems for mobile Fuel Cells – a use Case based Approach

The portfolio of powertrain solution is in the midst of its largest transformation.
At first sight only a few “one-size-fits-all” solutions for electrified powertrains seem to cope with different needs for a de-carbonized future mobility as well as with various requirements from end users, fleet operators and mobility providers. Starting from a possible positioning of fuel cell electric vehicles in a transformed powertrain portfolio the speech will provide insight how fuel cell systems could be matched with very different use cases. Based on required system and component characteristics derived from those use cases, Bosch approach how to offer a product portfolio will be presented – combined with a world-wide set-up.

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16.10.2020   |  

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