Interview with Oskar Zieta – MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2020 winner

ULTRALEGGERA 1660. Lift it up & sit down lightly

ULTRALEGGERA is the world’s lightest chair, designed by Oskar Zięta in 2019 in response to Gio Ponti’s Superleggera from 1957.

ULTRALEGGERA  is built on an ultra-lightweight, durable frame made with innovative FiDU technology, with a laser-cut seat and a backrest. The whole construction is made of one material – the highest quality aluminium, and is characterized by exceptional lightness – it weights a little over 1660 g.

It is not only a surprisingly light chair but above all a manifesto and a response to the challenges of the contemporary world. ULTRALEGGERA follows the philosophy of Mono Material Thinking and is fully recyclable. At once, with its durable and timeless form, it meets the premises of the Circular Economy model.


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