Do you know the most used Charging station in Germany?

Now, yes!… CIRCONTROL’s TRIO is THE MOST USED CHARGING STATION in GERMANY!! The unit is a TRIO Quick charger owned by e-ON AVACON. AVACON, one of the most relevant power utilities in Germany is trusting in CIRCONTROL technology.Bild Do you know the klein

The charger is located in Brinkum, a city with a high volume of Electric cars. During the past 6 month the unit has charged all the existing EV cars of the market: BMWi3, VW, Nissan Leaf, Renault, Tesla… through the 3 different plugs available CHAdeMO, COMBO and Type 2.

The charger award is a standard TRIO Quick Charger 50kW:
-Plug 1: 50kW DC, Combo-2.
-Plug 2: 50kW DC, CHAdeMO
-Plug 3: 43kW AC, Type 2

This equipment fulfil all the strong rules of the German market, furthermore, includes identification and prepayment via RFID, 8” LCD HMI in German, Ethernet connection, 3G modem, OCPP protocol, 2 years warranty and more… This unit is part of the 10.000 charging points that CIRCONTROL have been manufactured and distributed over the world since 2009. Study published in GoingElectric.

For more information visit: We say thank you to all the EV drivers that help us to be at the top of the race. We are very prude when reading post and hearing good comments from you about reliability and friendly use. We work hard to obtain this good reward.

Keeping our customer in the lead….. And EV drivers on the road!

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