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Last mile delivery with BILITI EVs in Berlin

BILITI Electric’s first three-wheel electric vehicles, Biliti Taskman, will bring a variety of goods to customers in a sustainable and climate-friendly manner from June 9th. The Biliti Taskman is based on the design of the Asian TukTuk and benefits from its efficiency, reliability and price. This makes it particularly interesting for small and medium-sized companies. Up until now, converting your delivery fleet to electric vehicles has required heavy investments and/or trying unproven solutions – here the Taskman is a better and cheaper alternative. In addition, thanks to the intelligent battery replacement system, charging and idle times are reduced to such an extent that range anxiety and downtime are a thing of the past.

BILITI’s cooperation with last-mile supplier SIPS

BILITI Electric has found a suitable partner in SIPS for the pilot operation in Berlin. SIPS is a retailer that specializes in natural wines and is therefore committed to sustainability. The two founders of the start-up sell their products via an app and build a community of sustainability champions, thereby sharing the core values ​​of BILITI.

Specifications: 100% electric operation with advanced Li-Ion battery pack – 80km range per charge / total charge time: 3.5 hours – Smart Swap – swappable battery system (<1 minute, user to do) – Ability to ramp up to 20 ° slope to overcome – load capacity up to 300 kg / closed tank of 2.7 m3 (2700L) – maximum speed limited to 40 km/h – intelligent cloud control and management system with synchronization via a mobile app.

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