Batteriekühlung maximiert Leistung und Lebensdauer im Lexus UX 300e

Lexus UX 300e: Battery cooling maximizes performance and lifespan

Because extreme heat affects both battery life and EV performance, Lexus engineers have developed air cooling for the battery cells of the Lexus UX 300e premium all-electric crossover. It is safer and lighter than water-cooled systems and at the same time enables the interior to be air-conditioned. This ensures efficient cooling and thus stable battery performance even with permanently high power output such as at high speeds and repeated quick charges. The cooled air circulates inside the sealed battery pack, which has special rubber seals to protect against water, dust and the elements. The cooling system increases the performance, battery life and charging speed of the Lexus UX 300e while improving interior comfort.

Cold temperatures also affect battery performance, which is why Lexus has fitted each individual battery module in the UX 300e with a heating element. This minimizes the climatic effects on the range and the full battery power is available right from the start. Even at extreme temperatures around -30 C, maximum battery performance is achieved and the charging time is reduced from 25 hours without a heating system to just 8 hours and 15 minutes.

Ten-year guarantee and return system

Lexus offers an extended 10-year (or 1 million km) warranty on the high-voltage battery, covering any malfunction and when capacity drops below 70 percent, subject to the periodic inspections specified in the maintenance program at an authorized Lexus dealer.

The Lexus UX 300e’s lithium-ion battery is designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Lexus also guarantees safe and responsible end-of-life recycling with a take-back system. More than 90 percent of the batteries used in Europe are currently being recovered. A 100% take-back rate is aimed for in all operations.

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