Manage and pay for electric charges? A simple and stress-free experience thanks to evway

One of the most undeserved clichés of electric cars is that to charge the battery while traveling is a tiring and very inflexible procedure, when compared to refueling. The reality is very different thanks to the latest technologies dedicated to the charging stations and the most recent software for the management of the procedure, which smile at all drivers, even the less experienced ones.

The brightest demonstration of how intuitive and practical it is to fill up your electric car comes from the latest substantial update of the official evway app that offers everything you need not only to find the nearest charging station in a few seconds, but also to choose the preferred payment method thanks to a simple and complete interface, for a stress-free experience.
Among the many useful new features of the renewed version of the official evway application for Android and iOs devices, there is in fact an expanded and enriched profile area. There are essentially three major innovations, which meet the needs of modern EV-drivers: the multiprofile that unifies multiple accounts, multiple payment methods and automatic credit replenishment.


All accounts to always have an eye on in the multiprofile area

With the renewed evway app, with just a tap on the little man icon at the bottom you open one of the most important functions for the daily management of your electric car: the personal profile area dedicated to payments and credit. Compared to the past, evway has implemented the possibility of unify all personal accounts in the app, without having to log-out and log-in; everything is displayed and accessible on a single page and on a single device.

Three different types of accounts can be added:

· Private: for your own personal electric vehicle

· Business: for the vehicle used for work that requires an invoice

· Corporate: for the company vehicle

At any time you can add or delete accounts as well as update or modify the information of each user. To activate a Corporate account, you need to contact the evway team, who will help set everything up quickly and easily.


Your preferred payment method: from Ladybugs to cards

In a future that is increasingly oriented towards cashless and the convenience of digital payment systems, the evway application is at the forefront to accommodate all the most widespread and popular methods. In fact, you can add your credit card as well as your PayPal account, but also switch to the Ladybugs, the internal currency of the service costing € 0.01, which can be purchased in a minimum denomination of 1,000 equal to € 10.00 by paying with Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
The possibility of requesting an invoice at the end of the month for Business and Corporate profiles who have to manage a large fleet is very convenient. In addition to the app, it is worth remembering that evway also provides the popular KeyFob, a handy RFID reader that can activate the charging simply by placing it on the sensor of the station.


Credit never negative thanks to the automatic credit replenishment

Finally, for a further step towards a comfortable and worry-free experience, the evway app offers the possibility to automatically replenish the credit so that it is never negative. If at the end of a charging session the system notices that the Ladybugs credit is below zero, the balance will be automatically reset to 1.000, so as not to find any nasty surprises at the next recharge. The function is active by default and can of course be deactivated according to personal preferences.

In short, filling up your private or company electric car has never been so simple thanks to evway and its wide network spread throughout Europe with 200.000 charging points scattered extensively from large cities to rural areas, from motorways to commercial and business activities or hospitality facilities.

A constantly updated map with the nearest stations, a dedicated navigator such as eMX, the RoutePlanner to plan the journey, suggestions on itineraries and flexible and universal payments: with the new evway app you have everything you need to travel in a comfortable, aware and environmentally friendly way. 


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