MATERIALICA Award 2020: Ceremony for outstanding technology and design products

  • The only award worldwide that is positioned at the interface between design, technology and materials
  • Exciting innovations from the nominees
  • Exclusively invited guests on site, several hundred virtual viewers

 Munich October 2020 – Outstanding technology and design products were honored with the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award on the evening of October 20th as part of the eMove360° Hybrid 2020 Conference & Exhibition for Mobility 4.0 electric – connected – autonomous (October 20th to 22nd) in Munich . The prestigious award is the only one in the world to be positioned at the interface between design, technology and materials. The winners in the categories Material, Process, Product and Student were for the first time in the extraordinary ambience of the coal bunker, MOTORWORLD Munich on Tuesday, October 20, the first evening of the eMove360° Hybrid 2020. Despite the gala concept adapted to the Covid19 restrictions with a limited number of exclusively invited guests on site and several hundred virtual guests from politics, business and the media, it was a festive evening.

“I am very pleased that we have received some very nice submissions from the field of design in the 18th edition of the award. We warmly congratulate all the award-winning companies,” says Robert Metzger, Managing Director of MunichExpo and organizer of the award. “The award-winning entries address, on the one hand, solutions for sustainable mobility, but, on the other hand, they also generally address the careful use of resources. As a trade fair that is committed to sustainability, we are thus sending an important signal,” emphasizes Robert Metzger, Managing Director of MunichExpo GmbH and organizer of the award.


 The Finalists of the 18. MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award:

Category PROCESS

Best Of Award Category Process: ContiTech MGW GmbH VDA Kupplungssystem

Modular plastic coupling system from JoinPlas GmbH Based on an existing coupling concept, the JoinPlas GmbH developed a modular coupling system for the automotive industry. The solution needs only one basis coupling head for each dimension and then only the spigot interface. The coupling head orientation can variable adjusted within the assembly and welding process. All process steps are monitored with cameras and/or other features. The variable coupling head orientation will support the unlock function in case of services in tight space areas for different applications. Furthermore, the optimized basic design will save rough 15% of the plastic material.

 Category MATERIAL

Best of Award Category Material: Mercedes Benz AG together with FirmaKraiburg TPE GmbH & Co. KG, Waldkraiburg – Silent materials – best performance in tribological systems

In current production vehicles, plastic components that are prone for disturbing noise are glazed with a slip coating. The manufacturing process for this coating is complex and the result is a multi-layered part with therefore cannot be sorted for recycling. With the innovation of bringing the friction reducing additives and surface roughness into the compound and manufacturing tool, we are gaining several advantages in regards to sustainability, economics and component concept.

 Gold Award Catgeory Material: Gesenkschmiede Schneider Forged Aluminium/Magnesium lightweight construction elements in lightweight construction

Due to the composite material, the advantages of the individual materials can be optimally used. Magnesium is 30% lighter than aluminum, but prone to corrosion. The outer layer of the components is therefore made of aluminum and the core of magnesium. Forging creates a stable material bond. A significant weight reduction is thus achieved through the use of forged aluminum / magnesium lightweight construction elements in lightweight construction. Through the development of improved corrosion protection measures and the associated increase in component service life, the associated increase in component service life, the composite material is becoming more and more important.

 Silver Award Category Material: Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH PPprint GmbH – “Honey­PP Stool

The “Honey-PP” stool is a mono-material Polypropylene (PP) part. The material ‘P-pellets 310’ from the PPprint GmbH, a spin-off of the University of Bayreuth based in the Bayreuther Gründungszentrum, enables the economic production of PP components in large-area 3D printing. This technology makes it possible to combine topologically optimized structures with PP foams, which allows a minimum of material consumption and ensures resource-saving processing of already easily recyclable plastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties.;

 Category PRODUCT

Best of Award Category Product: Zieta Prozessdesign Sp.z.o.o – ULTRALEGGERA 1660 Chair

ULTRALEGGERA is the world’s lightest chair, designed by Oskar Zięta in 2019 in response to Gio Ponti’s Superleggera from 1957. ULTRALEGGERA is built on an ultra-lightweight, durable frame made with innovative FiDU technology, with a laser-cut seat and a backrest. The whole construction is made of one material – the highest quality aluminium, and is characterized by exceptional lightness – it weights a little over 1660 g. It is not only a surprisingly light chair but above all a manifesto and a response to the challenges of the contemporary world. ULTRALEGGERA follows the philosophy of Mono Material Thinking and is fully recyclable. At once, with its durable and timeless form, it meets the premises of the Circular Economy model.

 Catgegory STUDENT

Gold Award Catgegory Student: Studio Philipp Hainke – ORGANICO – an ecological lightweight Sandwich board

The project Organico utilizes hemp as a renewable resource for the development of a new, material. An adhesive, composed of calcium hydroxide and casein, is used to press hemp fibers and hemp shives into a sandwich material. This sandwich structure, with fibers on the outer surface and a foamy core, translates the natural structure of the plant into a technical lightweight structure and results in a material that is both stable and light. The resulting objects are characterized by an appealing design aesthetic somewhere between nature and technology. The wood-free product consists mainly of fast growing plant fibers, is free of conventional binders or resins as well as Co2 neutral.

Jury-Members of the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2020

Prof. Peter Naumann
Dean of Munich University of Applied Sciences, Industrial Design Department, chairman of the jury

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Altstädt
Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Bayreuth

Prof. Christian Labonte
Design Strategy, Manager Design Communications, AUDI

Prof. Michael Lanz
Managing Partner, designaffairs

Managing Partner, designaffairs

Robert Metzger
CEO & Publisher, MunichExpo Veranstaltungs GmbH

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl Reiling
University of Landshut, professorship for Adhesive Bonding Technology and Composite Materials

Nina Saller
Director, XbeyondS


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