MATERIALICA Silver Award in der Category Material: Sitzhocker “Honey­PP” Neue Material Bayreuth GmbH and PPprint GmbH

The Silver Award of the 18th MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2020 was given to Neue Material Bayreuth GmbH and PPprint GmbH for the stool “Honey-PP”. The “Honey-PP” stool is a mono-material Polypropylene (PP) part. The material ‘P-pellets 310’ from the PPprint GmbH, a spin-off of the University of Bayreuth based in the Bayreuther Gründungszentrum, enables the
economic production of PP components in large-area 3D printing. This technology makes it possible to combine topologically optimized structures with PP foams, which allows a minimum of material consumption and ensures resource-saving processing of already easily recyclable plastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties.

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