Matrix Charging®: trendsetting approach for charging e-vehicles

The rise in the number of electric cars, the development of autonomous driving and users desire for convenience make the automation of the charging process indispensable. The more autonomous electric vehicles get, the more important automated charging systems become.
Easelink, a deep-tech company, is about to close this missing link between e-mobility and autonomous driving by developing the automated conductive charging solution Matrix Charging® for electric vehicles.

The Matrix Charging® system consists of two components: a vehicle unit on the vehicle underbody (Matrix Charging® connector) and the charging plate in the parking space surface (Matrix Charging® pad). As soon as the vehicle parks above the charging plate in the parking space, the vehicle is automatically charged via the direct physical connection. The robust system can be used anywhere, either in public spaces or private garages.

Visit us at our virtual booth at eMove360° Hybrid 2020. With short video presentations we will give you an insight on our solution approach.

Find out more about Matrix Charging.

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05.10.2020   |  

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