Die ideale Ergänzung im Einsatz für den lokal emissionsfreien Lieferverkehr in Städten - E-Nutzfahrzeuge und Elektrozweiräder. Foto: VOLTA TRUCKS

Micro Hub by Volta Trucks and Cake Motorcycles: Electrified inner-city delivery transport – first test run in Paris

The manufacturer and service provider for fully electric commercial vehicles Volta Trucks and the Swedish manufacturer of high-quality electric two-wheelers Cake are going down the same path as part of a cooperation. The aim is to decarbonise and relieve the burden on inner-city delivery traffic. In addition, the service for end customers is to be improved through the cooperation. By Duncan Forrester – in the current eMove360° magazine in german language(download PDF).

First customer tests with H&M Group in Paris

The first test run is planned for the first quarter of 2023 with the H&M Group of companies from the fashion and design sector. The most efficient combination of electric trucks and electric two-wheelers will be used for the fully integrated, emission-free delivery service from the warehouse to the end customer.

Efficient and emission-free

The spacious Volta Zero can be used in the world’s strictest environmental zones, i.e. also in completely emission-free environments, and thus function as a mobile micro-hub or mini-warehouse. At the beginning of the working day, Cake’s electric two-wheelers are taken by the Volta Zero from the distribution centre in the city centre to their place of work. From there, they then deliver the parcels to their customers in a fast and very sustainable way – without adding to the city traffic or further aggravating the parking situation. During this time, the Volta Zero can be used at other locations throughout the day or quickly provide replacement batteries for the Cake two-wheelers if needed. This enables efficient delivery to customers across the city.

Ideal complement in use for e-commerce

Both Volta Trucks and Cake were founded to successfully meet modern challenges in the transport sector. The two very different types of vehicles pursue the same goals and thus complement each other ideally. The combination of both technologies therefore offers immediate opportunities for retailers operating in the fast-growing e-commerce industry.

Developing solutions for efficient delivery with low traffic and emission levels

Essa Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks, explains, “We designed the all-electric Volta Zero to be the cleanest, safest and most efficient vehicle for urban delivery. Let’s look at our target group: Most customers use trucks to deliver goods from warehouses outside the city to shops in the city centre. And as a forward-looking brand, we are always looking for partners with whom we can find new, revolutionary solutions. The collaboration between Volta Trucks and Cake will now show the benefits that a combination of zero-emission transport solutions can bring – to different businesses and brands, to customers like H&M Group, but also to the inner-city environment in general.”

Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of Cake, adds: “It is high time that the world’s leading e-commerce brands look at truly future-proof concepts. Because current last-mile supply chains will soon be banned in many major cities around the world. So solutions need to be developed that offer lower emissions and less traffic congestion while making deliveries to the end customer more efficient. This innovative mobility ecosystem that the three companies are now testing together provides a clear direction for healthier inner cities and economic benefits.” www.voltatrucks.com; www.ridecake.com

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